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My advertising business - The most innovative, sustainable and profitable advertising network.
60% of the AdPacks revenues flow into the RevShare Pool.
Buffered capital is backed "safe" in gold and increases "short term".
Additional revenues from a worldwide App based Bonus Systems.
Additional advertising sales without revenue share.


GetMyAds Advertiser Solutions
We offer Advertisers a big varietiy of Advertising solutions with the highest standards in the Industry.
Your Ads will appear in more than 20 Categories in over 75 Traffic Networks with over 24.000 websites in up to 12 different languages with realtime Tracking.
With over 1,000 branded sites, reaching over 300 Million monthly users, we can get your message in front of all your best prospects.

GetMyAds was founded by professionals, for professinals with high end solutions that every beginner can use and understand right away.
Check out our Products and sign up for free. Find out more about our seasonal and temporary services to advertise your product, your social website, your channel or your company.

GetMyAds Products are paid with our Tokens that have a value of 50,- USD per Token.
You can purchase up to 1000 Tokens right after the free signup to utilize the Products and services of GetMyAds.

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